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Make 5 times or 8 times of your investments.

Rain Gold International is a global investments brand that provides a platform that enables you to earn more profit on your investment.

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Grow your earnings with us.

You can select several investment packages we have available as they all have very mouth watering rewards and profits. Use NGN20,000 to collect NGN100,000 etc.

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We pay you your profit within 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes.

When you invest 20k, 40k etc, you are paid times five of your investment within 1 hour 30 minutes. When you invest 80k, 100k etc, you are paid times 8 profit.

Join Now Our Services

First Step Is To Register Your Investment Account

Click on the register button and fill in all your information, make sure you enter your bank details correctly to enable us pay you swiftly without any delay. Registration is FREE and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the application process to join this great program.

Second Step Is To Add Us On WhatsApp

After successful registration, add any of our Investment consultants on WhatsApp using any of these numbers +15402680577 or +15163660263. Copy the number as is with the plus sign and add to your contacts. Or you can click here and here to add our reps on WhatsApp easily.

Third Step Is To Select Your Investment Package

After adding any of our representatives on WhatsApp, engage them in a chat and they will give you all our investment plans we have available. Follow their steps and transfer the amount you wish to invest to the accounts they provide to you and relax while you watch the magic happen.

Fourth Step Is To Receive Your Profit

Once you have successfully transferred the investment amount to the accounts provided to you, all you need to do is to wait for 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes as your Cash will be flipped and you will receive your instant credit alert to the account you put while registering.

We are RainGold

Turn your money into 5 times profit or 8 times profit. Stop leaving your money in the bank without any any interest rate being paid to it. Stop letting the banks to use your money to trade without paying you any meaningful profit. Join this program that gives you times 5 or times 8 of your investment.

  • Real and trustworthy business is our motto.
  • Receive your investment profit within 1 hour.
  • Re-invest after receiving your first pay out.
  • Refer your family and friends to join in this.


Strategy Planning

Investment Analysis

Speed In Delivery

Trustworthy Service

Pay Out Guaranteed


People Paid Out Yesterday


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We Paid This Month


Paid Out This Year

Our Motto

For every man to enjoy the fruit of his labour by reaping the profit from his savings or investment.
The banks and government worldwide are the problem of this world, as they care about themselves only and not the masses.

Market Strategy

We study an analyse the investment market, we know this field too well with over 15 years market experience.

Secured Investment

Your investments are secure and you can pull out your money at any time you wish. This shows hoe exceptional we are.

Instant Payment

Your pay out is guaranteed and so far you filled in your bank account number correctly, you receive your alert.

Re-Investment Possibility

Once you have been paid and you are impressed by our services, you are free to come back and re-invest your cash.

Our Professional Team

We provide high class and exceptional services worldwide because of the exceptional business skills our team possess
Here are some of our reps and advisors.

Terrence Wallace
CEO, Rain Gold

He has 15 years experience in Programming, an Ex-Staff of Microsoft after 10 years as Chief Technical Officer.

Laura Walsh
CFO, Rain Gold

Laura is an investment and cryptocurrency expert and one of the pioneer investors of Bitcoin in the world.

Gary Bennett
Investment Associate

Gary Bennett has been listed on Forbes twice as one of the richest Entrepreneurs in the US below the age of 40.

Dr Olaniyi Fasasi
Rep, West Africa

He holds a PhD in Finance, Economics & Investment from the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles.

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What our clients say

We are changing the investment industry worldwide. See what some of our clients have to say.

“I have always wanted to earn additional income. I tried Rain Gold and they over delivered.”

Linda Rector
Sales Analyst, Ebay

“Please, banks are of no use to the world. Cancel banks and replace them with Rain Gold.”

Uche Amadi
Teacher, Lagos.

“I have been using Rain Gold as my own bank and they never disappoint me Kudos to this company.”

Donny Gustafson

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